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Saturday, February 07, 2004

After reading Mental Multivitamin this evening, I remembered, only too late, what that movie was that I've been wanting to see for such a long time.

See, we finally got a video rental membership at our local outlet (welcome to the 20th Century) and today when I went to return The Man in the Iron Mask, and found Whale Rider unavailable, I drew a blank and grabbed the first movie I saw. I stink under pressure. It turned out to be The Patriot, which is probably not too bad, but there's always a few of those really interesting movies that I missed the first time around, and now may actually get to see.

Not only is The Hours one of those movies that my husband would actually watch and enjoy (he's not afraid of his feminine side), it's one we've been wanting to see ever since they filmed part of it in our old neighborhood. The segment with Julianne Moore playing a 1940s woman, in what I guess is supposed to be Hollywood, California, was filmed in a house two streets over from us, in Hollywood, Florida. We watched them film the scene where someone's out driving and has a near collision. That was one street over from ours. Fun to see all those old cars speeding around. Some excitement in the 'burbs.

By the way, reading that post on the 'burbs, I felt a little like ol' Charlie Manson must've felt, listening to The Beatles... ;)

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