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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Friday the 13th

I know it was yesterday, but yesterday was a big day. We did it, we canned the deal on the big house and don't have to worry about a lawsuit. The island it is! We called the realtor and instructed him to take this place off the market. My Valentine's Day present is sitting out on the dock right now. Approximately one ton of lumber for our new screened in porch. Woohoo! We'll be up to 700 sq. ft in no time!

Also began surgery on my lap top. Most of the day, and a good portion of the evening was spent trying to save HUGE files on floppies. It's critical, but stable, thanks for asking.


Hmmmm. Wondering about the use of the F word in the previous post. Is vulgarity acceptable? When? Is it better to be true to the quote, or censor for decency's sake?

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