Looking For a Secular Florida Umbrella School?

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Made my reservation for the FPEA Homeschooling Convention in May, but not convinced I really need to go...

On one hand I can check out curricula, be inspired and regain motivation and focus in the seminars, visit with Stephanie, enjoy a nice hotel...

On the other, it's expensive, and many of the speakers and vendors are faith-based.

Last year, I took in a seminar or two purely for entertainment purposes, the titles were just too intriguing to pass up. My favorite was not just interesting, but jaw-droppingly, mind-bogglingly bizarre: "Dinosaurs: Jehovah's Park vs. Jurassic Park" by Catie Frates. I wanted to share the astonishingly illogical science presentation with my family when I got back up to our room, but she raced through her proofs so quickly, my frantic notetaking couldn't keep up (I eventually bought the CD.) The crowd was all pumped up, hootin' and hollerin' and shoutin' "Amen!" It was a little frightening -- I had visions of the crowd detecting an unbeliever and turning on me -- and then, this was more than a bit unnerving, at the end of it all, a little girl came up to me and asked me, perhaps after observing my mad scribbling, what was the one most interesting thing I had learned during this seminar. Oh, honey, where to start?!

That one was worth the price of admission.


G arrived on the island today with plans to stay through the weekend. He asked L where all those new freckles on her nose came from and she giggled, "Dey just gwoad dayah, silly! Like a plant."

She certainly keeps us amused.

When her big sisters studied the Dutch painters a few weeks back, she had to get in on the act. They were looking up Rembrandt's home in the atlas, when L jumped up, ran to the wall map and saying, "I know, I know! Bwim-bwam lives heeyah!", and pointed to Arizona.