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Saturday, February 07, 2004


This should be simple. A or B...


-- A way too small cottage, with the promise of future expansion into an adequately sized house, possibly within two years. Need for outside storage rental.
-- A pristine environment in an unusual, isolated location.
-- Continual logistical challenges to everyday living.
-- No extra money.
-- Dad changes to a less stressful, much lower paying career and is available every day.
-- Sky high property values.


-- Your family's absolute dream house/estate. More than enough room.
-- A small farm town that you will never really fit into or like much.
-- Convenience of living in-town.
-- Two years worth of income in the bank.
-- Dad remains in stressful position for a while before establishing new career, has long commute and is available partial weekends until then.
-- Stable property values.

Which would you pick? Why?

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