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Wednesday, February 04, 2004


We have a new friend, a white heron the kids are calling Skipper. He's been hanging around for the past few days, and while we were afraid at first that his unusually friendly behavior might indicate illness, he seems to be fine, and is no doubt hanging around for the big bag of shrimp the girls talked me into buying.

They're almost able to hand feed him. I know, bad for the wildlife, but HE came to us.

This tiny guy was named Squirt. I found him stranded on the sand during a morning walk and brought him home. He had some red, goopy stuff hanging from his belly, and at first it seemed something, a raccoon maybe, had attacked him, but a call to the turtle patrol rep in our area assured us it was unabsorbed egg sack; he had simply hatched a little early. They came down, picked him up and promised to release him in several days when the sack absorbed.