Looking For a Secular Florida Umbrella School?

Monday, March 22, 2004

Before S left this morning, she suggested that since she will be gone, Sophie's World should be put on hiatus and G and I should read The Hobbit in the meantime. Good idea.


Friends of ours surprised us this weekend when they called to say they were driving over from Hollywood with their kids and in-laws for lunch on Boca Grande and asked if we'd meet them over there. Spontaneous creatures that we are, we did.

During lunch, the mom kept teasing her five year old son, asking him if he would be taking our L to the prom.

Leaving the restaurant, their son scooped up bottle caps he found in the parking lot to add to his collection. We headed down to the lighthouse with the son in tow. Riding in our car, he discussed his latest hobby with my girls, adding that he thought he might put a bottle cap on his wiener. Now, I know nothing about little boys, and maybe they all say odd, inappropriate things like this sometimes, but this was a bit worrisome to me. Dad dispelled the awkward silence that followed, replying that he thought it "might be a little uncomfortable, don'tcha think?"

I think the prom might be out of the question.