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Saturday, March 06, 2004

One of the reasons I try to stick to such a firm school schedule, is because we are a spontaneous bunch, known to ditch school at the slightest provocation. For example, this week we will head up to the Kennedy Space Center for their Salute to Homeschoolers. The girls and I went last year and enjoyed ourselves, but looking over the brochure for this year, I figured it wasn't the kind of event we need to attend annually. Then, Dad says he'd like to go this time. OK. And the girls found out that their penpals are going. So, we're going.


We're looking forward to visiting with the penpal family. We met them via the Well Trained Mind Secular Yahoo group. They spend some time down here in SW Florida and also have three daughters just about the same ages as ours. They invited us over to their place last year, the girls got along well and decided to write each other. One of these days we'll have them out here. Hopefully the place won't be a construction zone, as it is now.

G kept L with him when we went down to their place last year. He and I figured it would give us moms a chance to have a peaceful visit and not be chasing her around the beach all day. It worked. This time, L will be going for a sleepover party at Nana and Papa's. There is no way she would make it all day at the Space Center. She does not understand the concept of being quiet. When she wants to tell you something, she will get right in your face, even grab you by the cheeks if necessary, and no matter how much you try to deter her, she will speak her mind. They are going to wonder if we really do have a third daughter.


Speaking of spontaneity: My Dad is celebrating his 70th birthday tomorrow. Does not seem possible. Guess I can't be annoyed when he has his senior moments -- he's certainly old enough to have earned the right to be a little doddering sometimes. Anyway, my Mother decided the day before yesterday, to organize a big surprise brunch for him at a nice waterfront restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale. Six hours round-trip for brunch. Great chance to catch up on all those magazines piling up around here.

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