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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Robinson Curriculum and more

I've been looking around the Robinson Curriculum website the last day or two. I'll admit it...I'm really attracted to a program that bills itself as self-teaching. The price even seems reasonable. The more I dig, however, the more references I see about training children to take back our country from those horrible secular humanists and liberals -- you know, like me. (SIGH) Should've known it was too good to be true.


Our penpal friends are coming out for a visit to the island Friday and are curious about our neighbor's house for sale. I happen to have my real estate license, although I am by no means a sales-type person, so I contacted my neighbor to discuss showing her house and commission arrangements. She wants me to go ahead and show for her potential clients too, at a flat-rate fee, since she is not out here full-time, which I'm very happy to do.


In keeping with our space theme, we watched Apollo 13 last night. Excellent movie. Good thing it ended when it did though, since I was holding my breath for practically the last hour. We'll probably watch it again tonight since Dad is coming out and this is one he'll really like.

I don't remember any of the events surrounding that mission. My parents had a launch party to coincide with one of the Apollo missions and I remember laughing hysterically, actually falling down on our prickly St. Augustine grass, because friends leaving the party, unfamiliar with our neighborhood, kept orbiting our block (hey, I was little.) My mother even sat us down to watch Neil Armstrong make his giant leap for mankind. But all the hoopla over Apollo 13, she must have been shielding us from that. Much like the Viet Nam war. My parents never seemed to have turned on the evening news during that time and Viet Nam never entered my consciousness until after high school; the Apollo 13 near-disaster until last night.

I wonder if G remembers any of it. He was definitely glued to the evening news every night around that time, along with the rest of his family, waiting to see if his brothers' draft numbers would come up in that nightmare lottery.


Reservations for the critical parts of our trip: the first night, three nights in Williamsburg on the way up and four in Washington DC on the return, are all firmed up. We'll wing the rest. Most of the remainder of the trip is staying with family, so there's not too much else to worry about.

Except finishing our history lessons.


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