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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Yesterday we rode over to McIntosh, FL, to check on our other oddball property. We have a hotel. It's really old, well, for Florida that is, very decrepit, but most importantly, it's big. We've been interested in McIntosh for years, and always loved this place. When it finally went on the market, we couldn't resist. That's what happens when you spend too much time in small places, I guess.

The entire town is on the National Historic register. It's an old railroad town and almost all the original Victorian buildings are still standing. The flowers were blooming, the birds were singing, it was just beautiful.

We're planning to clean up the downstairs, not this weekend, but maybe next, and move our belongings up there, rather than pay for a storage unit.

I'm so glad we didn't decide to get rid of it during our big relocation turmoil.


We got back last night and discovered our cat missing. Our next door neighbor said she heard a cat cry, similar to the noise she heard when cat #3 disappeared. Sounded like something getting its throat ripped out. I haven't mentioned that part to the kids...

S, ever hopeful, made up a flyer to hand out to the neighbors. We should just produce a fill-in-the-blank flyer at the rate we go through animals.


This week I'm living it up. We have a nanny! Well, actually, our neighbor has a nanny, but the neighbor's out here all week and has made her nanny's services available to us because her three year old daughter is best friends with our little one and they want to be together every minute. You could really get used to this.


G left this morning to the east coast for a day or two, taking G with him. He got about a third of the way back when his truck started acting up. May be the fuel pump. He limped back into town, I met him at the Ford dealership and he took my car (which might be developing transmission trouble...) I did a quick grocery shop while he was still here and he dropped us at the marina to take the boat home.

When we got to the house, there was a note addressed to S written on our dock in sidewalk chalk:

S, I saw your cat -- it's around somewhere

The nanny spotted him running through our yard!

Keep your fingers crossed. I still don't see any vultures...

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