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Monday, April 19, 2004


I was beginning to second guess myself, afraid that maybe the kids wouldn't be as interested in this trip as my father and I are, but tonight they are glued to the television, watching "Patriots Day" on PBS, about the re-enactment of the first engagement at Lexington. Even my three year old -- who, by the way, commented, "Hey, those guys look like George Washington." Cool.

G is taking all three girls back east with him very early tomorrow morning, delivering them to my parents' house, while I have my spa day, dahling, then I will head over too. Depending on my mood, credit, and pain tolerance, I may have them do a few other, ahem, problem areas.

My friend Alex trained her boyfriend to administer bikini waxes. The first time around, they noted the directions stated, "May cause smarting." She called me up, yelling that she had blood leaking out from hundreds of empty hair follicles, and "Is this what they mean by smarting?!"

Anyway, we're excited and ready to go.

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