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Friday, April 16, 2004

We'll be heading over to Fort Pierce again tomorrow, our third trip so far, in hopes of gaining the approval of our potential landlord. The housing situation there is dismal at best, so we sure hope he likes us.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

Schoolwork is done for the year! We'll now return to the unschooling portion of our homeschooling program. The girls made hardtack yesterday from a recipe they found in A History of US. They initially planned to bake a cake, but alas, the cupboard is bare, so jaw-breaking, baked lumps of flour and water it was. Mmmmm. Just like those poor soldiers had to eat.

Sam continues to tempt me with dreamy thoughts of a Mexican villa, complete with casita and full-time help for $50/week. She's heading down in May for a couple months and has invited me and L down to visit with her and her three year old, and to presumably show me some real estate. No problemo.

Sweet G* bought me a gift certificate at a local spa. I must look like hell. I'll skip the froufrou stuff -- just give me a massage and a full leg wax, please. When you can feel the wind tousling the hair on your shins, it's definitely time to do something about it. I must squeeze that in before we head over to the east coast prior to our field trip departure.

And then over there, horrors, I have to go shopping. Once I get the kids' clothes and the LeapPad out of storage, and evaluate the damage done to my own stored wardrobe, I plan to cash in the hoard of gift certificates I've amassed. This is not fun for me, since I prefer dresses and skirts -- not because they make me look more godly or feminine, but because they much more easily camouflage a fat ass -- and it's difficult to find something casual in between old lady cruise wear and beach cover-up. Sand and saltwater have destroyed my Birkies, so I will also need to purchase replacements, but I look forward to that.

Ugh, and then supplies for the ride: scrapbooks and miscellaneous art supplies, earplugs (you thought I was kidding about those -- HA!), headphones, a book on tape, cooler, drinks, snacks (unless I have the girls whip up some more hardtack), and on and on it goes...


*Sweet G does not refer to my spouse's usual demeanor, but was coined during a miscommunication between employees. A staff member had been instructed to deliver paperwork to "Suite G." She thought is was my husband's nickname.

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