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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I've collected all my children and returned to the island. Tomorrow we get back to the books. Until I refigure our history plan, S and G will be keeping busy with grammar and math. Plans to continue using A History of US as our spine were sidetracked when S and G expressed an interest in a more global study. Yeah, I guess we were getting a little Americentric -- need to work on that. Between George Washington's World, Abraham Lincoln's World, Story of the World III, The Story of Mankind and A Child's History of the World, I'll have to whip something up.

G created On the Road Latin for her little sister, L. She taped prayers from Latina Christiana, first conjugation and first declension chants and made up a conversational Latin storyline inspired by Powerglide Junior Spanish. There's a coordinated workbook for L to use along with her taped lessons. Background music includes Chopin and some Gregorian chants. She swears she wants to be a chef and not a teacher, but I don't know...

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