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Sunday, June 13, 2004

One down, one to go

Spent all night getting the hard drive reformatted, only to have the virus crop up yet again. I don't understand the mentality behind the people that create these things. To me, it just wouldn't be fun unless you could see the havoc you've wreaked with your own eyes. This person does not get any recognition, remaining faceless to his victims, nor does he ever really know the extent of his handiwork. Where's the satisfaction of a job well done?

Anyway, my persistence paid off, and I've now got this laptop up and running, so the other can finally go into the shop.

G just called. From Miami. He came back early. Mervin, the owner, has a deposit on the property, from a woman in Naples, Florida, and it should be closing in three or four months. The realtor never mentioned that though. G said it was the typical wacky Belizean deal because when he spoke to Mervin, he learned the realtor doesn't even technically have a listing on the place, yet G still saw it listed in several newspapers. He said it was a very interesting trip and he has some other options to discuss.

Today was too hot to go outside. The girls kept themselves busy researching their newest Shakespearean production, reading the different versions of it available around our house, comparing them, deciding which one to adapt.

Big electrical storm coming which should bring some much needed relief from the heat. Before I get electrocuted, or God help me, fry my computer, I'm off to fine tune school schedules.

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