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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Plans changed yesterday, I know you're not surprised, I wasn't, and G ended up coming over after all, with his mother. This is actually a good thing, because I like my mother-in-law. She scares the hell out of most people, but for some reason, we get along very well.

We had a nice, relaxing, everybody-getting-along-and-having-fun kind of day. We sat out talking on the porch late last night, I fell asleep in the hammock, and this morning were back out on the porch enjoying the sunrise over a cup of coffee. Literally. It wasn't that early, the sun was about as high over the horizon as our coffee cups were tall, when viewed at arms length.

Later, everyone piled in the boat, we rode down to Cabbage Key for lunch, and pulled up on the beach at Cayo Costa for a swim afterward.

So G got his birthday wish for a laid back day.

The girls gave him handmade cards, one daughter gave him a homemade stress ball, paper mache over tinfoil, to be used at work, and L took some blobs of melted wax, stuck them to the bowl of a spoon and called it a spoon puppet. I'll bet no one else has one of those.

He did mention that it might be fun to go down and camp out at Books & Books for an autographed copy of Clinton's My Life, when it goes on sale July, 22, so that will be his big present.

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