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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Today's challenge: get the cat to the vet for a flea treatment, without the benefit of a pet carrier or leash of any sort.

The last time Orlando took a boat ride with us was when we brought him out here. After the three hour ride in G's truck, he was crazed. G had a cardboard box to transfer him from truck to boat and contain him for the boat ride, but he quickly tore that to shreds and the girls had a hard time keeping him inside. His head would pop out, and when that was pushed in, a leg would pop out. Push that back in, and his head would stick out again. The box was mangled, the kids were getting scratched up, and afraid he would panic during the trip and jump overboard, I had the brilliant idea to put him inside one of the hatches for the 20 minute ride home. We dropped him in, and the girls sat on top of the hatch door to prevent him from escaping.

Worked great, except I didn't realize that the bait well still had water circulate through it even when it was technically turned off. So poor Orlando, besides being scared out of his mind by the unfamiliar noise and motion, was further traumatized by a salt water shower inside his dark little prison.

I'm sure he has not forgotten.

Now that I think of it though, I'll bet it was an effective, low-cost alternative flea bath.

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