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Monday, July 12, 2004

Busy week ahead

I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for Friday, on the other coast. It's been awhile, just over four years, since I skip the annual exams and only go when there's a problem, and I never bothered to find a doctor over here. Then, the following week, L has her four year old check up -- over there, again -- and when we return, we will be bringing some friends out for a sleep over. Everybody's due for a dental cleaning, and S had a filling fall out, but I was unable to schedule anything earlier that the 29th over in Hollywood, so I'm waiting for their dentist to call me with a recommendation for someone here on the west coast. Imagine not having to drive three hours to an appointment!

The girls and I completed some of our week's work yesterday, so we're a bit ahead.

Here's to keeping it that way...

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