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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Progress Report

Has anyone noticed how long Sophie's World has been on our read-aloud list? While the book itself is a fairly clever lesson in the history of philosophy wrapped in the guise of a mystery, it is a poor read-aloud. The girls are quite bored with the biographical information on various philosophers and keeping them interested until the storyline resumes with Hilde and Sophie has been a challenge. We're close though.

The bathroom rehab is still in its initial stages. Ceiling is done, walls are primed, shower stall interior painted. G was lacking a second roller for the regular light-colored coats of paint, so he is out now at the hardware store. We still haven't been able to successfully address the storage problem. The original cheap bamboo open wall shelf was a very unorganized, unattractive way to store Band-Aids, eyedrops, cold medicines, deodorant, etc. Medicine cabinets without mirrors are not too common and the ones we have seen are not solid wood. Out here, moisture is a big problem. Any pressboard products eventually swell up and fall apart -- that's why the kitchen should be our next big interior project. Any appropriate cabinets we have come across all need to be ordered.

Our phone lines out here are plagued with static, causing my internet connection to cut out frequently, so I've been checking into satellite ISPs. The cost is prohibitive and the reviews of the various services are not glowing. I'll be checking into wireless services next. Anybody use one?

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