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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Thank you all...

...for your concern, thoughts, and prayers.

G and I came back to Fort Lauderdale last night to see the kids. Tomorrow morning G, the two older girls, and I are going back to Punta Gorda to help out.

Strange to think that we rented the house to let L attend preschool and the older two to participate in golf, tennis, sailing or swimming lessons, and now there are no facilities for such things. Our first homeschool Park Day was set for Wednesday, September 1. We will still head over to the playground that day and hope someone, anyone, shows up.

G is frustrated. He would prefer to remain over in Punta Gorda, helping our neighbors rebuild, but he has several big contracts on the east coast that he must fulfill, so he'll continue to commute, doing what he can. We got our start on the tail of Hurricane Andrew back in '92. Prior to that storm we were living below the poverty level, in a trailer, expecting our first baby, during a recession. That disaster turned the economy around for us and much of South Florida. It's a good time to repay our good fortune.

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