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Friday, September 10, 2004

Something school related for a change

Last night I sat down and read the parent/student handbook for the private school we investigated yesterday. Typos galore; some simply mistyped, others, like the substitution of "their" for "there" in the school song, just plain eeg-no-rant. Big red flag or a personal pet peeve? Probably both. Then I got to the curriculum list in the self-described non-parochial school booklet where they highlighted their creation science. Uh oh. Definite red flag.

The preschool, a combination of Montessori plus some gentle reading and math instruction, will be just right for L. In addition to the fun looking classroom, competent teacher, happy looking children, and low teacher/student ratio, I was very impressed by the strong smell of Clorox Clean-up.

I had to rethink my plan for the older two. Fortunately, I read they offer a homeschool umbrella option. I can enroll the older girls for a minimal fee, taking care of our legal requirement for the state, continue to use our present curriculum, and the girls will be allowed to participate in the school's sports, science fairs, chess club, debate team, field trips, and (optional) testing.

Now, if the school is still here next week, and we still have a house in town, we're all set!

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