Looking For a Secular Florida Umbrella School?

Thursday, September 30, 2004

The weatherman tonight mentioned two "small disturbances" just off the west coast of Africa. It doesn't matter that they're disorganized or weeks away. Everybody in Florida knows what that means. They're headed straight for us.

I imagine the lines at the gas pumps will be backing up any minute now. And the shelves at the grocery store will be emptied again just as they were finally being restocked after Jeanne. Who says all these hurricanes are bad for Florida's economy? Not the hotel and motel owners. Not the supermarket chains. Certainly not the hardware or lumber stores. Or anyone collecting an insurance payout. Contractors? Right.

Not since Texas in 1886 have four hurricanes made landfall in the same state. I searched online to find evidence of stress related insanity in storm ravaged 1886 Texans, but all I came up with was this, which is kind of crazy in its own way.

Forget all that "It's bigger in Texas" (and by the way, that is a really bad search term to Google) hooey, we're going for the record! Yeehaw!

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