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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Honestly trying not to be too provocative...

Religion, especially organized religion, irks me. I have a sense that there is an incomprehensible greater intelligence out there somewhere, but to pretend to know it and explain it seems arrogant and ignorant. I also feel it's too easy, unthinking, and naive to resign oneself to the idea of being part of someone else's master plan. It removes personal responsibility. No wonder some of these believers seem so gosh darn happy all the time, it's never their fault, and they're always forgiven.

Here's where I quit being so snarky and show some genuine concern for those believers who lean a little more to the right than I...

Lately, more and more, it appears to me that, Bush, darling of the religious right, is blatantly misusing the trust and manipulating the faith of many Christian Americans by claiming to do the will of God. I thought fundamentalists were ever vigilant, on the lookout for their false prophets and anti-Christ. Maybe they are too literal, seeking beasts and fiery dragons instead of someone who contradicts the simple commandment, "Love one another," someone who promotes death, destruction, greed, and hatred, and misleads the people in a most reprehensible way, by using the name of their God to sanction his self-serving behavior.

Okay, I'm not suggesting that Mr. Bush, our fearless leader, is the anti-Christ, that would put me in league with some real crack pots, although it might be fun to turn up in a Google search using both those terms, and the comments would certainly be entertaining, I'm just wondering, seriously, isn't that blasphemy? Why would they support that?

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