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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I'm no sports fan, as a child I'd sit in the stadium with my nose buried in a Nancy Drew mystery when the rest of the family dragged me out to the ballgame, but I have been glued, nail-biting, to the television the last two nights in morbid curiosity. Can the Red Sox actually pull it out?

If forced to pick a favorite team, I'd have to choose the Yankees. Ever since those reluctant family outings to see America's favorite pastime, I've always thought their pinstripe uniforms were just so much better looking than anyone else's, and well, my mom is a Red Sox supporter.

This time though, it's those poor, long-suffering Boston fans that I'm rooting for.

But I can't take it, it's much too stressful. Twelve innings? Fourteen innings? Just please tell me when it's over.

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