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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

What I've done the last few days:

Passed. I had a senior educational professional in my classroom observing my performance the last two days and am happy to report my high marks. No, it's not a state or county school board requirement. My mother, the retired early childhood specialist, was here for a visit. Both she and my father came over to see where we're living these days and to keep an eye on the kids while Dad and I went to Open House at L's preschool (and snuck out afterward for a nice dinner.) She said she was impressed with both the content and the effort of our studies. I am redeemed.

Learned a new word. Synecdoche. Now I need to use it. Besides trying to fit "synecdoche" into a sentence, I will try to incorporate it into my writing.

Ordered books.
Climbing Parnassus
Who Killed Homer?
Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare
Asimov's Guide to the Bible

Peer pressure can be a good thing sometimes, no?

Kept abreast of GG Mil's situation. A few days ago my husband's grandmother fell in her assisted living facility and was found unconscious on the floor with a fractured wrist, and what else, a broken hip. The upside is that even though her mind is beginning to deteriorate as rapidly as her bones, she is still having a good time. Her long dead husband moved back into town and came for a visit the other day. She believes she hurt herself when she tripped on a rug, dancing the night away at Monroe Station.

Released some of my vitriol. Yep, blame it on the hurricanes and the election. Maybe it's out of my system, but don't bet on it.

Determined to read some Mencken and Berry. And Twain and Postman. Oh my, where to start?!

Gasped. I read Mental Multivitamin's most recent "On the nightstand..." post and then seconded R.T.'s sentiments, "Thank you for that effort. This is my my selfish vote in favor of the continuation of your blog because it is still fresh, it is still unique, and it still challenges me." Here, here!

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