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Monday, November 22, 2004

(Shuffle, shuffle)

That's the sound of our schedule being rearranged.

S absconded with Little Women. I gave her the option of continuing to read it alone or allowing us to return to it as our read-aloud selection. Uncle Tom's Cabin was suggested as an alternative book for its relevance to her current interest in the slavery themed Historiclay production.

A compromise was reached as evidenced by the sidebar.

Because I had been looking forward to reading Little Women myself, one of those treasured works of fiction I seem to have missed in my youth, I decided to check out my own copy this morning at the library. G, not to be left out either, checked out the Whole Story Series edition of Little Women.

The Whole Story Series of books appealed to me once upon a time for the marginal tidbits, but I could never get past the sneaking suspicion that they were abridged versions, in spite of what the covers claim. For G though, they are a good fit. There was mostly silence in the car on the way home from the library but for her occasional bursts of, "Listen to what Jo said...!"

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