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Monday, January 17, 2005

My Desk

As per Donna's request over at Quiet Life, here it is...

You caught it on a good day, no extra papers covering the surface, my mother-in-law is staying with us for a few days, although a very close inspection may reveal a baby dust bunny or two among the cords. I despise cleaning, and make very little time for it, so to keep the place tidy I eliminate clutter. Makes for a boring desk, and counter tops too, I know, but saves on aggravation and allows for more time spent reading or online. That's how I deal with ironing as well. I will elaborately fold or hang all of our clothes, like you find them in the store, just to avoid pulling out that hideous time-wasting iron and board.

The 'desk' itself is an antique carpenter's table. It has a bit of a lip on the edge which prevents junk from falling off, a deep drawer for miscellaneous papers, and a built in vise on the left front that's great for disciplining children.

On top there's my laptop, a stack of homeschooling materials I've culled for sale, my well-thumbed Well Trained Mind atop a Veritas Press catalog for planning next year's line-up, a beaded reading notebook, Post-its, my cell phone and a pencil (in this case my favorite, Thomas Jefferson's "I cannot live without books" quotation pencil from our visit to Monticello last spring.)

The older wooden office chair on the right is a bit low for this table, and the chair on the left a bit high. I prefer the taller padded leather seat, and most days you will find me with my legs stretched across the top of the table in true redneck fashion, laptop in my lap.

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