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Thursday, March 17, 2005

beware the eyes of march julius cesar

That was one of the searches that Googled up my blog. Here are a few more (all typos are intentional):

“racist legos plantation”

hibiscus stain removal

tips on gravy stain removal from chenille

Rosa Parks landlord has offered to let her stay in her apartment rent free

wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was biracial

marlon brando’s Laundromat

Girls Jail

ufo in sebring florida yesterday

redneck fashion

charlton heston security clearance

george washinton’s socks

clorox body piercings

colonial parkway killer

littering at school in florida

redneck stores in brooksvillle florida

brainwashing vs ocd

fear of alligators fear of alligators

florida live rabies bait osceola

pictures of how to make scooters start by hotwiring

Abraham Lincoln assassination connected with Julius Caesar

migraine sweating and shivering

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