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Monday, March 07, 2005


Today's agenda? Survive 'til tomorrow, when I have a chiropractor's appointment. (Oh, God, I'm becoming my mother...) She will hopefully violently crack my neck and shoulders back into non-agony position. If that doesn't help then I suspect it is this miserable cold, which if it is at all possible, has nestled in my neck and shoulder muscles. Or maybe it's just meningitis or encephalitis. In desperation, I have begun slurping the remainder of my daughter's yummy pink Keflex prescription, given to her for the ear infection she suffered as a result of this hideous illness and lots of over-the-counter pain medication.

G took the older two to work with him today and the little one is at school, so I am trying to enjoy the peace and quiet and possibly make up the eight hours of sleep I missed out on last night. For company I have The Sopranos first season. My neighbor loaned this to me months ago and there hasn't been any opportunity until now to watch it. So far, I'm not hooked.

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