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Friday, April 29, 2005

Bait and Switch

My latest educational venture involves deceit. One of the moms in our homeschool group was clearing her shelves of various materials and offered Switched-on Schoolhouse, multiple levels and subjects, to any interested party. I asked for, and was generously given, Math 9 (Algebra) and Science 9.

Sarabelle is still working her way through Saxon 8/7 and we never officially do science, preferring an unschool approach. This is my attempt to slide in a few more advanced math concepts and organized science study under the guise of computer fun. Everything is a game when viewed on a screen and directed with a mouse, right?

I had the chance to play around with Switch-on Schoolhouse at one of the FPEA conventions and thought it was certainly interesting, but lacking in any real learning effort on the part of the student. Multiple choice, whoopee, a one in four chance of guessing the right answer. How challenging is that? And obviously, there's no writing involved.

She can't wait for me to load this program so she can get started.

[Sounds of manaical laughter fill the air.]

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