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Saturday, May 28, 2005

I suspected as much.

The warranty on my laptop is still valid, so IBM agreed to replace the gravel-grinding hard drive with the understanding that I return the damaged drive or pay them for it. Being a major skeptic, I was afraid to return it for fear some data would remain and be passed on to the next owner of the sure-to-be-reconditioned drive. We've had strange names pop up from time to time on the reconditioned desktop my mother-in-law bought the kids. I had all kinds of bank and credit account information, a book in progress, and a photo portfolio, stuff I'd resigned myself to losing, but not stuff I want anyone else to have. IBM gives you 30 days to return the merchandise, so computer friends scrambled to find me the names of supposedly reputable data recovery companies that may be able to quickly extract my data. In the event that plan proves too expensive or time consuming, I will follow my mother-in-law's advice and just pay them for the thing. Then I may take a hammer to my old drive.

Today while I was trying to include the now usable laptop on our family network, I discovered an unfamiliar folder under My Network Places. Someone's family photo album, from 1998 to 2005, is still on my hard drive. Hopefully, since it was in a Shared Documents folder he was able to recover his photos.

So, uh, Juan, with your IBM laptop, and a family who enjoys waterfront Christmas dinners down in the Keys, I've got something you might like to see...

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