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Monday, May 16, 2005

The photos below are for Miz Booshay and any other fans of the Amazing Race. Boy were we excited when we heard the teams had to fly to Miami for the last leg of the Amazing Race, and still more excited when the finish line ended up at our most favorite place, in our own backyard, Bonnet House.

Bonnet House, named for the bonnet lily that grows on the property, is a cloistered plantation house designed and built by artist Frederic Bartlett. These were from a series of photos I took as an architectural study, just in case we should ever have enough money to build our dream house.

The picturesque lagoon on the east side of the property where they finished the race, is an unusual freshwater source just steps from the Atlantic Ocean. This was a popular stop in the old days for ships to stop and take on potable water.

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