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Friday, May 13, 2005

A Plug

Are you like me:

Keeping all your homeschool records in multiple Excel and Word documents, plus a day planner?

Worrying about how to put together a decent, organized transcript for highschool?

Well, give Homeschool Tracker a try. A free Basic download is available here. The full Plus program will keep everything in one very comprehensive database and allow you to create an array of extremely detailed reports, lesson plans, even individual assignments if you care to get that precise, for each of your students.

For now, I'm using it in a very general way to log all our resources used, calculate grades, and begin to establish a highschool transcript for Sarabelle.

Oh, and did I mention their fantastic customer service? Well, let me tell you. After placing a second order for the Plus version because of the hard drive failure and a vanished software CD, I was contacted by the company's rep (and owner, I think), wondering whether this second purchase might be a gift or an oversight. If I was purchasing it as a gift she offered a separate download code for the recipient. After I explained that, no, I meant to do that, and that it was for me, again, she refunded my money on the second purchase and only charged me for the replacement CD, which arrived three days later. Top notch.

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