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Monday, May 02, 2005


Not a cry for help, but a little cheer. Both girls are having fun with Switched-on Schoolhouse Math 9 (Algebra). Sarabelle has raced through seven lessons in two days and Gracie is eagerly plugging away at the second lesson, although I'm not sure how far she will get since she is still only doing Saxon 5/4 and has not got all her multiplication facts down cold yet. But still, I'd rather see them playing math on the computer than some of the other stupid stuff they've come across online.

In all fairness, SOS is not really a bad program. They do recommend the student keep a notebook and answers must be typed in, so it's not just multiple choice with a 25% chance of guessing correctly. There are loads of animated mini tutorials to click on, which not only reinforce the plainly typed, and a little wordy if you ask me, instruction, but entertain kids who can't resist the urge to "Click Here." There was a little bit about "God is the creator of math" at the very beginning, it is produced by Alpha Omega which is a Christian publisher, but I haven't heard Sarabelle complain about any more examples. That was the number one reason we switched from Abeka to Saxon to begin with. ("Mom, does the number two always have to be about Noah?!") I'm curious to see the science game, uh, I mean, lessons.

We'll keep on with our Saxon. This is just for extracurricular fun.

My ploy is working.

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