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Saturday, May 14, 2005


In the midst of one of my computer crashes, I lost my portfolio of B&W, infrared, and digitally and handcolored photos. Anticipating disaster, I had been trying to burn them onto a disc before the burner itself failed and I had no other way to extract them.

But here they are! Even after I paid Computer Guy to wipe the drive so I could start from scratch! Hmmm. Explain that, Computer Guy.

Picasa found these hiding on my system. It's a wonderful thing.

Please note, these are not the finished photos, they look like one of the close-to-finished versions from old Photoshop files and still could use a little more editing. At least they are not just memories anymore.

The bottom picture shows my brothers-in-law racing their pedal cars and above that is a shot of my mother and grandmother dancing in the kitchen many long years ago. Both have been digitally colorized.

I'm doing my own little happy dance right now.

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