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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Latin-centered learning has come to a screeching halt at our house. Gracie's Latina Christiana I student book has vanished along with my teacher's guide for LC II, prompting an all out tear-the-shelves-apart search for the missing materials. And that in turn prompted a mass decluttering spree, inspired by the postings of Mungo and others, including some via TWTM board. Less is More! Simplify! I have been dumping supplies on the Sale and Swap Board ever since.

Inspired to eliminate more unnecessaries from our lives, I requested the girls sort through everything they own and place all items they can absolutely live without in a large bag for donation. Exemptions were made for Playmobil and a certain large, realistic-looking brown bear named Biggity, who is the favorite sleeping companion of my middle daughter. Yes, they could technically live without those too, but I'm not that much of a meany. Their total haul? One Furby, one wooden cube shape sorter, and one soft baby book with attached baby doll. They're going to have to dig deeper. Either that, or I just wait until they're asleep.

flip, flop

Was that the sound of us changing our minds again? Maybe. But to protect myself from any blood relative who may be reading and who will certainly give us grief over this renewed plan:

Eeway aray oingay ownday underay extnay Aymay.

And that's about all the Latin you'll hear around here for awhile.

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