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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

She's In


Our challenge has been how to get Jorge established over here. He continues to work on the east coast, commuting almost daily, because it's hard to turn down guaranteed income there for a big question mark here.

But two things happened almost at once.

1) A space opened up for the Kindergarten class over at the neighboring island's small public charter school. Fortunate considering there's only ten children per class and the preschool feeds into it. But it's for their island residents first, and on-island employees next.

2) A conversation with our realtor buddy on the neighboring island during which he mentioned opening his latest office and invited Jorge to take a look at his new 'factory'. J mentioned that he would like to represent the office out on our island one of these days, being immediately able to ferry people across and show property, and later farming listings. End result: My license is currently being transferred to his office, and J's will be when he gets all his paperwork together. As we left the preliminary meeting, my husband received a great big slap on the back and Realtor Buddy told him, "Anytime you're ready, I've got investors lined up to build duplexes and small townhouse projects all over the place. They just need a builder."

So, would holding my license with Realtor Buddy count? His office is on-island, but we wouldn't be...

The principal invited Elle and me over to visit the school. My usually clingy daughter was off eagerly exploring while I explained our situation. One of these days we would be employed on island, presumably building, but for now the best we could do was work off-island through Realtor Buddy. We wouldn't be able to show thirty percent of our income or a minimum of twenty hours of employment coming from the island, a requirement of the charter, until then. I explained I didn't want to steal someone else's spot, I have a contingency plan: Homeschool. While I pried my youngest away from the treasure trove of books and puzzles, the principal stated she would advise the board of our situation at the next meeting and decisions would be made.

Guess who raised 2.2 million for the new school building and whose wife sits on the board?

This fall, Elle will be among the privileged few enjoying French lessons from a retired Phillips Exeter instructor, at a school where the letter of the day "M" is illustrated with a martini glass, and where the owners of Smarty Jones drop by and teach the children about horses.

Oh, yes, this will be an education.

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