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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

THE PLAN: Sixteen days in New Jersey watching my nieces while Uncle M works days during his summer custody. Fourteen days of quality time for the aunt and cousins. Many day trips into Manhattan with Uncle M.

ROADBLOCK #1: Custody dates finally approved are later than anticipated, beginning after Elle's school start date.

STATUS: Seven days available for visit to NJ and sightseeing with Uncle M. One day to visit with nieces. My older girls will remain in New Jersey for additional fourteen days of visitation being watched by their grandparents, along with the cousins.

ROADBLOCK #2: Uncle M unexpectedly scheduled to attend animators' conference in Los Angeles during our visit.

STATUS: Five days stuck in New Jersey with my three children. Two days available for visits into city when Uncle M returns. One day with nieces.

THE BRAINSTORM: Rent a car at airport, drive to Boston. Visit 2,674 cousins in five days.

STATUS: Remaining two days spent with Uncle M. escorting us into Manhattan. Visit with nieces one day.

THE QUANDARY: Which museums?


Gracie is captivated by abstract modern art. MOMA has a good collection of Picassos, Mondrians, and Matisses, among others. The Guggenheim has a smaller collection, but has the added interest of being housed in a Frank Lloyd Wright creation. One of these should probably be on the list.

The Met, well, the Met has everything. That could easily take one whole day and maybe take care of the modern art, too.

Definitely the Whitney, just so the kids can enjoy one of my favorites, Calder's Circus.

The Frick would impress them, if not for the great collection, the masters and Whistlers, then certainly for the architecture and thrill of strolling through a Fifth Avenue mansion. Same for the Cooper-Hewitt.

Two days. Too many museums.

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