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Friday, July 22, 2005

The End

I finished The Half-Blood Prince very early this morning. Sarabelle is now locked in her room wrapping up the last few chapters, and any moment now I am expecting wails. She was very upset by the ending of Gallipoli. Hated it. Thought it was stupid. Not very eloquent, but there you have it. Definitely one who prefers the neatly packaged, happy ending.

And speaking of happy endings:

Dear Ghostwriter,

The series so far, except for
First Husband: Beaten to a Pulp, has been fairly enjoyable, full of bizarre plot twists and red herrings. Your work in progress, though, Compass Points: Anywhere the Wind Blows, is becoming a trifle monotonous. The plot seems to have stalled. I need to know how it all ends -- not the series, we all know where that's going -- just this volume. If an advance copy is unavailable, please at least tell me where the chapter titled, "June 2006" is set. I've peeked at your rough draft, it may need a rewrite.

Your devoted fan,

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