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Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's not just the most boring state in the Union...

Never one to intentionally toot my horn, I prefer self-deprecation, sometimes the darn thing just goes off by itself. [TOOT, TOOT] I am vindicated! Absolved, exculpated, exonerated! I am victorious!


The results from the IOWA Test of Basic Skills came back yesterday. Both girls did wonderfully, working four grade levels ahead for their composite scores, and with sky high national percentile ranks.

Would I be so vocal if they didn't do well? Of course. Hopefully it wouldn't just be loudly criticizing the obviously obtuse standardized crapola foisted on my poor little uninstitutionalized darlings and excuse-making for their low scores, but I'd still have to let you know how it all turned out. Honest.

Now I know where they're at after taking on the responsibility of educating them myself four years ago, and I know where they could use some reinforcement and improvement.

Now I know where I'm at after four years of educating myself. I've had my reinforcement, and I know where there's room for improvement.

Let me pass along a little encouragement to those of you who worry that you may not be doing enough, or may not be doing it right: YOU ARE DOING FINE. Believe me, if I haven't screwed up my kids with this topsy-turvy, indecisive, loosely structured lifestyle we've been leading for the past few years, or changing teaching methods after rethinking my theories on education, or making sweeping curricula changes to reflect those new aims, or even veering off into uncharted unschool territory from time to time, then you have nothing to worry about.

It's all about the effort and the one-on-one, and you all get very high marks in that department.


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