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Friday, August 19, 2005

This end up

My whole world has just been turned upside down.

My dear husband, who has been known to volunteer me for various projects and suggest new occupations for my unlimited free time, has done it again.

First, remember when he decided to ask Broker Buddy to hang his license in Buddy's office to facilitate getting Elle into the public, yet very private, charter, and it ended up being my license that was moved? That was okay, I could handle shuttling people over and showing a few listings on our island. Sarabelle and Gracie are old enough and responsible enough to be left alone for the thirty minutes or so it takes me to get back and forth from the marina. They're capable and trustworthy enough to complete assignments on their own. We have good neighbors nearby in the event of an emergency. No problem.

Fast forward to tonight. Jorge met with Broker Buddy to review Orange House terms. Not only does it look like he will buy it from us, Jorge will get the contract to complete the renovation. It looks like all the dominoes of the other deals will be falling into place and we will be moving into the Just Right house. So far, so good. Then, somehow, Jorge recommended me for the position of personal assistant to Broker Buddy, lead partner of the hugely successful company, a position which until this evening did not exist. Buddy decides I am exactly what he needs. I can set my hours around Elle's school day. Not only will I be a salaried employee (probably with a nice benefits package), I will be allowed to keep my license active and make commission on the deals too small for Buddy to mess with, the ones he'll "throw my way." I will have an assistant.

It's wonderful that my husband thinks so highly of me and my job skills, especially since I haven't really been employed for over thirteen years, but this is crazy.

I'm excited. I'm elated. I'm heartbroken. I'm terrified.

The girls will have to go back to school. Gracie might be able to get into the charter for fifth grade, the highest grade in the school, in fact with Broker Buddy behind us I'm banking on it, but it looks like Sarabelle will be heading off to middle school...

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