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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Really too early to tell...

...if this thing is going to hit us or not. All the same, my boss had to postpone the catered, open bar, live band street party the office was hosting this weekend to celebrate a new high-end promotional partnership.

The good news is we are scheduled to close on the house Friday and we were able to bind our insurance just before the storm was named and entered "the box," the very large rectanglar area encompassing parts of the Gulf and Atlantic, the Carribean and southeastern U.S., that insurance companies use as a guide for risk management. Once a named storm enters the box, the Insurance Nazi says, "No policy for you!" Woohoo! If it all gets swept away, we're covered. We could build a new house from scratch our way, instead of making renovations to the existing structure.

Oh, sure, we said we were moving right in, that the house was in good, clean, liveable condition, but you really didn't think we'd be satisfied with that, did you? C'mon, we're contractors.

We're already planning a massive relandscaping project (I'd rather have a beautiful garden than a beautiful house), which will have to wait until we reorient the garage to a side-entrance and relay a new driveway. Then we're thinking about converting part of the garage into an office (we're not garage car-parkers), repainting the interior and exterior, doing something to the roof because once we repaint the house the roof's going to look crummy, bumping the back room out to include the space that is currently a screened porch, maybe put in a pool, and while we're at it, it sure would be nice to get rid of those low, popcorned ceilings...

And so it goes.

Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow.

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