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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Today's lessons:

1) The brain is amazing and words are fun.

Words are so fun I was dreaming about them this morning. Whatever bizarre scenario my unconscious mind cooked up -- it involved a conference and a tractor trailer -- morphed into a consideration of the words, "roll" and "over." A rollover for an eighteen-wheeler is a dreadful thing, while a rollover of finances has a more positive connotation. Dogs understand "roll over" as a trick to be performed hopefully for a treat, and snoring spouses are prodded and ordered to roll over for the reward of a peaceful night's sleep. As I considered other possibilities, the word itself became a giant billboard I could no longer ignore. I obeyed its urgent, red, uppercase command, my eyes flew open, and I saw the clock's digital readout: 5:30 on the dot. Time to go!

2) Using words accurately is critical when writing a press release.

I enjoyed correcting punctuation errors on a release being sent out from a new promotional partner on our behalf, but the most fun I had was discovering that the author bungled her own title, leaving out the most critical first "L" in "Public Relations Director."

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