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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Gracie has reached a level of educational achievement that eluded me in my school days. She can produce a noise from her armpit by vigorously pumping the limb up and down that sounds like breaking wind. She is branching out after perfecting her technique and is currently working on producing the same sound with the backs of her knees. I am one proud Mama.


Channeling Sally Field: "They like me! They really like me!" Though in Ms. Field's case she scored a statuette. Did you know about this?!

Big surprise for me when I went to go vote via Mental Multivitamin's link last night. In two categories yet. I don't expect to win, but finding myself among such fine company, it truly is an honor just to be nominated. My sincerest thanks to my nominator and any potential voters. After agonizing over my choices, I juggled my votes and managed, after getting my daughter to log in and vote also, to cover all my buddies.

Did anyone vote for themselves? I thought long and hard about this and wondered if the leader of the free world might ever possibly consider casting his vote for the other guy. Can you imagine George W. punching John Kerry's ticket in the voting booth? Yeah, me too.

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