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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No wonder their stock's going up.

I gave myself a big present after Christmas and ordered a Powerbook G4. Tired of all the work-arounds I've had to implement just to get my other older machine to work halfway right, fed up with all the spyware/spam/changing browsers/compromised security issues/incompatible programs, and wanting to be prepared with the latest mobile technology in case we take our two year sabbatical, I decided it might be time to try an Apple.

Of course yesterday Steve Jobs announced that their new systems will use Intel chips and that the new laptop, the Mac Book Pro, will be four times faster than the G4 and comes with a built in video camera.

Thankfully, they have a wonderful return policy. Once I pull all the data out of this machine, it will be on its way back from whence it came, to be replaced by the newer model.

I think I just might turn into one of those fanatic Apple converts.

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