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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Drip, drip, drip

Four dental check-ups; two orthodontic visits; one case of strep that reappeared two weeks later requiring two separate doctor appointments; one painful, embarrassing medical condition requiring surgery that won't be dealt with until I, procrastinator extraordinaire, experience another flare up; one trip to Tampa to deliver mother-in-law to cataract surgery; that's what the last few weeks have entailed.

I am the embodiment of the Peter Principle. I have been promoted to my highest level of incompetence.

This brain was not meant for multitasking. I can homeschool. I can work. I can raise children. I can manage a house. Just not simultaneously. I am concerned that gray matter is oozing out my ears. It might be on there on my floor somewhere but I'm not sure since I haven't bothered to sweep or mop for several weeks.

Since I cannot fulfill multiple requirements, I must select from the following options:

A) Proceed with "Gifted" track for Gracie and Sarabelle. Elle continues at her school

The less-than-mediocre middle school actually rated higher than the (what I thought to be) not-so-bad high school. The middle school at least offers gifted classes; the high school does not.

The gifted-only charter school looks very good, it even offers Latin. If they could both get in it would be marvelous, aside from the long-distance travel. To accomplish this I must still have Sarabelle evaluated and then both must have Renzullian profiles completed by their teachers (myself and Mrs. B) and IQ tests administered by a county certified psychologist. Pending favorable outcomes and available openings for new students, a bi-county reassignment must then be approved by both counties involved. Deadline for submission of all documents is May 12.

B) Homeschool Gracie and Sarabelle. Elle continues at her school

Gracie is all for this, Sarabelle is not. She wants the opportunity to try school like her sister did. She is interested in the social aspects.

In both A and B, for Elle to continue at her school, I must continue to be employed on-island. This could be accomplished by just hanging my license with my broker as first agreed, or I could quickly teach myself Dreamweaver, set up my broker's own website and work from the convenience of home, actually earning some extra money.

C) Believe my husband and prepare to travel to either Australia or New Zealand in mid-May for 2-3 years

This requires moving the rest of our furnishings from the garage to the inside of the house, renewing three passports, arranging property management, prepaying mortgages, figuring out what to do with our two cats and one hedgehog, and organizing a portable homeschool including researching and purchasing curricula for a first grader.

What has happened is that I have been trying to cover all possibilities and have got myself into a state where my brain cells have liquefied and leaked right out of my head.

Careful, don't slip in that puddle...

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