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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I fought the law and...

...well, you know how that old tune goes.

I stood before the judge, one who was thankfully not wearing any kind of religion-inspired attire, my voice squeaking with nerves, and presented my case along with a nifty aerial photograph backing up my mathematically based defense: rate x time = distance.

The police officers that opposed me, and yes, that is officers plural, one with the radar and one who wrote me up were permitted to respond. I was then allowed to question them and make a closing statement.

The judge acknowledged my case was worthy, if it had just been the one he would've probably let me off in a her-word-against-his kind of way, but because there were two of them standing there, I was outgunned. Bullies. I paid the fine but adjudication was withheld and at least I did not get the dreaded points.

After returning defeated to my seat, my spirits were boosted by Sarabelle who leaned over, nearly as excited as if I'd just been saved from the gallows, and whispered, "You won!"

"No, honey, I still have to pay the ticket."

"But you did, Mom!" she beamed, "You really flustered those cops!"

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