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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Still under the yellow

1) Catsitter number one never returned. She saw that brand new grandbaby of hers and quit her job via email. Fortunately we have a back up. We're planning for her to drop by and check things out. She is a single mom, raising two sons, one I think is autistic, who has been living with her parents. She holds a very responsible position at our company and has been working with our broker buddy for nearly 20 years, so I'm sure everything will be fine. But until she actually comes by to give us a firm commitment...

2) Notified the school. We are officially on the "Flexischool" plan which basically means that Elle can return to school whenever without having to make up any days or work. The school is supposed to provide a traveling curriculum, but they figured as a successful homeschooler, I could handle making my own up.

[Gracie's "Gifted" meeting was today with me, the school board advocate, psychologist, and her teacher. On her IQ test she scored 98th percentile in verbal and 93rd percentile non-verbal, with an overall of 98th percentile. On the Renzullian profile of gifted characteristics she needed a minimum score of 75 -- she scored 135. Now, this is likely all due to genetics and not the quality of the homeschooling we've done, but I think it assured the teachers that I was capable of providing a decent education for my children all on my own.]

3) My boss is expecting me back at my desk, at his right hand, in late November.

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