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Monday, March 27, 2006

Tech Support

Sorry for the inconvenient log-in prompt that keeps appearing. I'm waiting for a second level tech from Apple to help figure it out. It's very strange because, as far as I know, there is absolutely no connection between my Blogger account and the iWeb stuff I started working on and the iDisk is something else entirely. Weird. I get the errors nobody has ever seen or heard of, that's just the way it is.

I will definitely be posting on our trip, and have even set things up so I can do some audio and video clips along the way. I'll post a link to the new site when it's ready to go. When we're ready to go. Since there will be a whole new audience, friends and family not interested in reading this blog (not because I haven't tried) but who want to be kept abreast of our every move, and I may have been a just a little snarky upon occasion, and don't have the time, patience, or energy to go back and edit all my nastiness out, let's just keep this site between us, okay?

I'll still be posting about homeschooling, whether they want to read about it or not, and even if all we do is look out the windows at volcanoes instead of our math books.

Meanwhile Jorge continues to harp about "light, pack light," even though all I've done in the way of packing is to pull some jackets out of the giant stack of boxes in the garage. Elle conveniently fits into Sarabelle's old ski jacket, Gracie can wear my old ski jacket, and Sarabelle fits into another ski parka I've got. I have another suede parka that still fits me and Jorge has a canvas coat with wool lining. He thinks it will be too heavy and that we just need a couple sweaters. But we are warm weather people, we can do Florida summers without airconditioning (which should be a prerequisite for anyone considering a move here), and we get chilly when the temperatures dip down into the 60s. This weekend over in Fort Lauderdale for the surprise party, pity the poor girls who came up to give me a hello hug and kiss in their little strapless or sleeveless outfits. A cold front had blown through causing the mercury to bottom out in the frigid 50s. Imagine now, me, with my poor circulation and icy digits, having to do the huggy thing, sticking my big cold hands all over their little toasty backs. Those were not screams of delight. So, anyway, I'm bringing a heavy jacket. HEAVY.

It was fun to see the people that came to the surprise party. Most I haven't seen in ten years, some in twenty. The former Personnel Director and her husband, the former Operations Manager, brought a shoebox full of old photos that covered the pool table and were a constant source of amusement. I can't remember working with such a good looking bunch of people. It was like Baywatch -- all these hard, tanned bodies, strutting around all day in their tiny red shorts. (Excepting my brother, who was 6'2" and at the time probably weighed maybe 150 lbs. His comment on seeing a picture of himself: "My four year old daughter has legs like that!") Even the girls looked hot. That was definitely the last time I'll ever attract a man while wearing a bathingsuit. Yup, good times.

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