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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I tried to explain that "heated association pool" brings to mind a knock-down-drag-out home owners' or condo board meeting, and "heated" should modify "pool," but to no avail. One of my assignments has been to nitpick the grammar, punctuation, and spelling on the company website (I'm not perfect, but I generally get the glaring ones) but, alas, real estate has its own rules.

My replacement, hopefully at least as competent but certainly nowhere near as picky, has been located and will begin training later this week. She'll be doing a six month stint at my desk at the right hand of the father until our planned return in late November. What I haven't mentioned yet is the possibility that we may get down there and find out that we have been given the wrong information, that our six month plan does not fully conform to the everchanging immigration dictates by the powers that be, and we will immediately be hopping a plane to Australia for the two-year plan.

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