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Thursday, May 18, 2006


All non-trip clothes have been washed, dried, and put away. The house is in fairly decent shape (although I encouraged, no, begged, Catsitter to call in a professional cleaning crew and bill me.) Tomorrow I will spend a little time in the morning rearranging some of the bookshelves (that wobbly one is top heavy with all the homeschool materials I have culled; I need to move everything to a lower shelf and stabilize it.)

I am now trying to cram 10 lbs. of shirts into a 5 lb. bag.

We need another suitcase.

The school celebrates its groundbreaking tomorrow, the last day of school for my girls. With a generous, anonymous gift, they finally caught up with the rising cost of materials and are on their way to constructing the new building. The kids were busy this week creating ceramic tiles to adorn the facade. Gracie and Elle's teachers, a darling husband and wife team who were a perfect fit for us this year, have announced their resignation. The new administrator, who I think will be an asset to the school in spite of the waves she is currently making, decided that they would not be a good fit with her more innovative approach, and has new teachers waiting in the wings. Before they could be let go, Mr. and Mrs. B bowed out gracefully. My final project for this evening, after I wander around a bit wondering how many more loose ends I possibly have time to wrap up, will be to write them a letter of recommendation.

It's 11:29 PM. The night is young.

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