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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why, yes, Becky...

...I am taking a few more books!

Somehow, during all the errands Sarabelle and I ran today, we ended up at Books-A-Million. Big surprise there, huh? It occurred to me that we needed a guide book for New Zealand -- not that the other five don't count -- one that has quality hotel listings. The other editions we already own are mostly backpacker types, which are fine for your general sightseeing information and traveling on the cheap, but I'd like to spend a few days, especially the first couple, shaking off jet lag in comfort, somewhere with enough room to stretch out and not touch another person. One can get a little cranky when one must contort oneself into a semi-restful position on a fold-down tray attached to the seat in front of you. For 12 hours. Miraculously, this dinky little outlet had a Fodor's 2006. Cool.

And while I was there, I could not resist picking up The Omnivore's Dilemma and The Long Emergency, two books guaranteed to chase away any misgivings I may have about our little adventure. It's the Post-Apocalyptic Freak in me.

I should probably tuck in my copy of The Elements of Style since rereading it yesterday and today (in between compulsively organizing my bookshelves, of which about 66% is done) was much like a slap in the face, or at least a stern talking to, from Mr. Strunk and Mr. White. All I can say is, I am so, so sorry for all my vulgar misuse of the Elementary Rules of Usage. I'll work on it, okay?

Climbing Parnassus should definitely come along for the ride as I can certainly find inspiration and well worded gems every time I open it up.

And my Franklin: Writings because he's just always so much fun to read.

And that's all.

For now.

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